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What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying About Ninth-Month Midnight:


“Wow! The story’s first chapter lands like a sucker punch. Bacigalupo manages to create suspense throughout the story, inviting the reader to consider the motives of Sal, the psychic medium: is he genuine? A swindler? Both? . . . Dolores is a refreshingly complex protagonist, steely yet relatable; at times we want to offer her a cup of tea and a warm blanket, others we want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her, as she makes choices that lead her into murky psychological territory.”


“Bacigalupo holds suspense high by creating a feeling that at any moment a tragedy of a much larger magnitude teeters on the protagonist’s horizon. It’s like leaving your house with the gnawing, but real possibility of having left your stove on, and being too far gone to turn back. If you’re interested in a life and death struggle with a foray into the afterworld, then Ninth-Month Midnight is your next read!”


“Ninth-Month Midnight is a spellbinding story . . .  of a mother seeking peace, forgiveness and closure. The roller coaster ride . . . leaves you guessing until the end. Marie Bacigalupo is a gifted writer.”


“This startling debut novel . . . takes us on a harrowing, page-turning journey. . . . Bacigalupo brings depth and originality to the age old questions: What happens when we die? . . . How does a human being make sense of life in the knowledge of its tragic dimension and its ephemerality? This novel will not disappoint and is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a well-told story that has both suspense and heft.”



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