Happy Holidays

As I may have mentioned, my fiction covers a number of genres, including so-called women’s fiction, fantasy, and horror. This month I’d like to give you an early holiday present by sharing “Serena’s Hound,” a horror story inspired by a sublime Francis Thompson poem, called “The Hound of Heaven,” in which a benevolent beast serves… Continue Reading

Self-Publishing To-Do List

I had no idea what I was doing when I decided to self-publish my novella, Ninth-Month Midnight, about a woman who loses a child and almost loses herself before a charismatic psychic offers her hope. I came to the do-it-myself decision after wasting too much time waiting for traditional publishers to bite. It took trial… Continue Reading

How to Cure the Beach-Read Blahs

With the onset of autumn, I’m guessing many of you are sick of so-called beach-reads and ready for some substantial fiction, the kind that lingers in the heart and mind long after you turn the final page. To those of you beset by the literary blahs, I offer a potent remedy. The following contemporary novels… Continue Reading

Fiction from Me to You

This month I thought I’d share a sample of my own work, in this case a flash fiction that first appeared in Vol. 1 Brooklyn. I hope you enjoy it.   Legs   Only the legs mattered. The photographer had shot the bare legs in midstride, the milkshake thickness of thigh, the bony blossom of knee, the quick… Continue Reading

How Long Does a Story Have to Be?

I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing Brady Udall’s “The Wig,” a micro-fiction that won First Prize in Story Magazine’s Short Short Competition. This gem is proof positive that you can tell a great story with all fictive elements intact in little more than a page. I’ll follow the text with an analysis. Meanwhile, enjoy:  … Continue Reading

Mock Character Interview

This month I decided to do a mock interview with the protagonist of my novella, Ninth-Month Midnight. Readers, meet Dolores Walsh: Interviewer: It’s a pleasure to have here today Dolores Walsh, a 39-year-old full-time mother and former schoolteacher living in Queens, New York. Thank you for consenting to this interview, Dolores. Let me plunge right… Continue Reading

Practicing the Craft of Fiction

I recently did an interview that touched on the elements of fiction from a craft perspective for The Dark Phantom Review. What follows are excerpts from that interview, a nitty-gritty give-and-take I hope you’ll find useful. HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT PLOTTING YOUR NOVELLA, NINTH-MONTH MIDNIGHT? OR DID YOU DISCOVER IT AS YOU WORKED ON… Continue Reading

From Theory to Practice: The Elements of Fiction

Quickly, name the elements of fiction. You can probably tick them off on your fingers: character, setting, plot, theme, point of view. Writers immediately recognize these terms but some, I suspect, rarely think about how they function in a given work. This month I thought I’d use my novella, Ninth-Month Midnight, to show them interacting… Continue Reading


Have you ever struggled with that niggling “Are you kidding?” inner voice, as in, “Are you kidding, taking yourself seriously?” Self-doubt afflicts us all at one time or another. This blog post is intended to provide the antidote this particular poison. What follow, Dear Readers, are excerpts of manuscript rejections garnered from the Net. Can… Continue Reading